About me

Hello. I'm Kamil Bolka, computer science student at the University of Hertfordshire and Junior Software Engineer. I recently finished my first year with a first class level and I'm looking forward to my next year. Over the year of study and long days of programming, I've learnt how low-level processing works, methods of computing and 5 languages on the basic level and two languages on a higher level (All languages are listed below, from strongest). Meanwhile, I'm looking for a part-time software engineer job based on Java, Python or HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages.

My Android Apps

"I'm fairly new in creating Android apps, in fact, I started June-July 2017. The reason why I started to create apps for android over IOS was that I had more experience and understanding of how programming in Java actually works rather than other languages that IOS needs such as Swift or Objective-C. Android apps were my first biggest way to publish my code to the public, It gave me the possibility to create games such as Colour Match and Colour Path. Not only that, I've also created one education app that was intended to teach computer science student of how graphs and relations work." Kamil Bolka 2017

#1 Colour Match

Colour Match has arrived - How fast are you? Are you fast enough? Test yourself!

Colour Match is one tap game that was created to challenge your tap speed. The concept of the game is simple: there are four walls and one ball. Each of the walls has their individual colour. The ball can cycle through four wall colours. Now, your job is to control the ball by cycling through its colours in order to get the correct colour of the wall it will hit. Colour cycling is done by simply tapping anywhere on the screen.

#2 Colour Path

Colour Path has arrived - Are you ready to be tested on your speed and reaction?

Colour Path is one tap game that was created to challenge you to test your click speed and reaction. This game is based on an infinite runner, meaning that it will keep going and will track your score until you fail. The concept of the game is simple, your job is to stay on the path, once you leave you lost.

#3 KGraphs

KGraphs has arrived - are you ready to learn relation and many graph algorithms?

KGraphs is an easy way of learning how graphs, relations, and algorithms work together in order to find spanning trees, shortest path, Eulerian circuit/path, Hamiltonian circuit/path, reflexive relations, symmetric relations, transitive relations and much more.